Php project on Child Care Management System


In each child who comes into this world, the hopes and dreams on human race are born a new. Children are bearers of our basic future a future that is in our hand as at no other time. For the world has the information, resources and the legal goals to give each child the best possible start in life, in family environments that offer the love, the care and the maturing that children need to grow, to learn and to develop to the fullest.

Yet still, these children are being exposed to all different types of mistreatments ranging from child labor, violence, abuse, neglect and commercial sexual misuse of children. Children are more vulnerable than adults to being hurt, neglected, abused and exploited. Their survival is in danger and their full improvement is compromised. Violence against children happens inside families, in schools and communities.

In any case, the need to care for these children in order to meet the increasing and difficulty request emerged. Therefore, man resolves to help to mobilize a Global development for children an unstoppable crusade to end, finally, the poverty, ill health, violence and discrimination that have needlessly blighted and destroyed so many young lives. In this juncture, there is have to know who a child is andwhat child abuse and neglect is.

“there isn’t one acceptable age,which is considered as a commendable meaning of the upper limit of childhood begins as far as the privilege to vote and be voted in favor of and the age thought about the government service of youth and culture, and education as being upper limit of childhood differs… “

even internationally, there are dissimilar definitions as to who a child seems to be. The OAU sanction characterizes a child as “each person below the ages of eighteen (18) years” despite the fact that there are divergent opinions and view with respect to what is the age limit of a child, it is the view of the author, that a child is anyone between the birth to the fruition of physiological/mental and physical improvement. As it were, anyone between zero of his/her introduction to the world to eighteen (18) years is a CHILD.

child disregard is implied demonstration of oversight, dissent or notwithstanding giving essential needs, rights and deeds of the child by parents/ guardians which might possibly fundamentally disable the prosperity of a child. Disregard can likewise appear as insufficient arrangement of resources for the welfare of the child both now and in future.

child mind then again speaks to a region of programming focused at “child needing special protection measures”. There are child who are victims of or belong to, groups which are especially vulnerable to, various kinds of abuse, exploitation, violence and abandonment.

  Vulnerable groups-incorporate children armed conflict or by other situations of emergency, children engaged in hazardous or exploitative labour, including those who are trafficked, children deprived of parental protection due to AIDS, children subjected to sexual exploitation and abuse, children living with disabilities and children in conflict with the law.

On account of the above situations, communities should be strengthened and families bolstered to give the vital care to enhance child survival, improvement. Families require learning, aptitudes, inspiration and support . they have to recognize what to do in particular conditions and ass the child develop and create, they require aptitudes to give suitable care and to take care of issues. They should be roused to attempt and to manage new practices. They require social and material help shape the network. Lastly require bolster frame the health centers/system, in the form of accessible clinics responsible services and health workers should have to give effective advice, drugs, and more complex treatment when necessary.

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