ASP Project On  Multi-Level Advertisement Server


Online Ad networks systems like Google, yippee, adchoices and advertise their customer items and administrations the on look and in addition accomplice sites. So here we focus on accomplice site adposting and taking care of framework. Accomplice sites are sites that comprise of promotions by these web based publicizing systems. Promotion systems handle these promotions on different sites through a complex commercial booking framework. The framework has different advertisements planned for it. It chooses which promotion to show on which site and for what time term. It comprises of a solid online database framework to deal with this whole information. Our proposed venture is a reproduction of multi site taking care of by a promotion arrange. We here utilize an online sql based database for this reason.

The framework server is an online application that is utilized to enter new advertisements, their calendar and furthermore to alter points of interest as required. The server framework stores all the required information into the database for additionally planning. The accomplice sites are always checked and controlled by server framework for promotion planning and refreshing. When an advertisement lapses the site contacts server for next promotion to show. The server at that point forms the database to check for necessities and gives proper reaction to accomplice site. This framework can be additionally upgraded by following snaps and changes of notices.


Publicizing is a type of special action that is utilized to energize a group of people (watchers, perusers, or audience members) to proceed or make some new move. The coveted outcome is to drive purchaser conduct concerning a business advertising. To contact a crowd of people, these advancements must be distributed. The way toward making data accessible to the general open is called distributing.

A sponsor is basically the person who makes an item or offers administrations and needs to expose the item or administrations with the assistance of prevalent stages like sites, press, and radio claimed by distributers. Distributors either claim or oversee stages, similar to TV slots, radio stations, and sites, which are accessible to the overall population. With the Internet turning into an intense medium for contacting individuals, it has progressed toward becoming prevalent among sponsors and distributors. Advancing an item or an administration on the Internet is called web based promoting, and distributing that data on sites, gatherings, and websites is called internet distributing.

As more individuals swing to the Internet as a hotspot for socialization, correspondence, and every day news, all the more publicizing is done to contact a bigger crowd. On the web promoting is giving extreme rivalry to different kinds of publicizing media. Daily papers and magazines everywhere throughout the world are confronting an incredible test as lost promotion income. The Web isn’t just taking an offer of the promoting, yet an offer of the gathering of people too. Online promotions can look like TV advertisements or print advertisements. With a cost per click (CPC)promoting, the promoter just pays if a client taps on the advertisement.

This sort of methodology can make promoting extremely practical, particularly for the individuals who don’t have huge publicizing spending plans. Advertisers need to discover what their significant target showcase is. They additionally need to comprehend the planning of the promotion. The component of web based publicizing is included: (a) technique—in light of a client’s qualities and substance went to before, (b) timing—genuine time or non-constant, and (c) target—individual or gathering.


Processor: Pentium-IV 2.6GHz

Hard Memory : 40GB



Front End: ASP.Net

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Working System : Windows XP

Language: C#

Framework: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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