Question Answering System for an Effective Collaborative Learning


The expanding advances in Internet Technologies in all application spaces have changed ways of life and cooperations. With the fast improvement of E-Learning, shared learning is essential for educating, learning techniques and procedures. The connection between the understudies likewise understudy with the educator is vital for an understudy to pick up learning. In this paper, we present a compelling inquiry noting Q&A framework for community realizing, which can act as a virtual instructor, as well as a virtual exchange for an understudy. With the proposed framework, brings another Q&A framework, understudy can append their inquiry when they need team up utilizing synergistic learning profit by each other’s assets and abilities. Understudies can make their inquiries to the gathering when they need to work together with others, approaching each other for data, assessing each other’s thoughts, at that point every one of the appropriate response will contrast and reference book information base.


The current framework has the alternative to the understudy can join their inquiries, and it specifically check through the connections, and it doesn’t have the inquiry noting information base idea, gains learning about understudies and uses the procured information. It might have the database in an article or a chose subject and it isn’t refreshed routinely. At the point when another inquiry arrives, it may be an inconvenience. The understudies cannot join their inquiries to the gathering when they need to picking up and imparting information to others.


 It doesn’t have a powerful inquiry noting Q&A framework for collective learning.

 Interaction of understudies and an educator address an issue, the instructor can’t continually online inevitably, and it isn’t workable for the educator to manage bunches of question from understudies.


E-learning framework, which is proposed here depends on information base framework which permits gets learning about understudies and uses the procured information In this examination, a framework for online consequently noting understudies’ inquiries in the community-oriented learning condition has been planned. The framework worked upon the inquiry noting information base. In the information base, sets of the question with its comparing answer (Q&A sets) were gathered through the procedure of understudies making inquiries and different understudies will reaction the inquiry with noting and assessing each other’s thoughts by vote. This portrayal is then contrasted and the portrayals of Wikipedia information base.


 The Question noting information base is the principle advantage since it will refresh at whatever point the better and brighter one come.

 This framework has a viable inquiry noting Q&A framework for collective realizing, which can act as a virtual instructor, as well as virtual talk for an understudy.


1. Student Agent Q

Understudy specialist Q-It is interfaced amongst understudy and the framework. Understudy can send his or her inquiry and get answers. Question investigation, inquiry age. Questions and answers Browsing Component-when understudy meeting a few troubles or having no challenges, an understudy can perceive what issues different understudies have experienced in adapting now and previously and see the appropriate responses or arrangements the instructor offered by perusing the learning base.

Answer Generator is Several interfaces have been outlined, to let understudies and instructor can connect with the framework. The interfaces for the understudy to make inquiry and find solutions

2. Student Agent A

Is the segment interface amongst understudy and the framework gives an answer and voting question?In this segment likewise give likeness machine to coordinate understudy reply with Wikipedia database, to guarantee the appropriate response considering the greatest vote redundant right answer.

3. Instructor Agent

Questions and answers Acquirer – If there is an unanswered inquiry, the inquiries will incidentally store at this segment. At the point when the educator gets on the web, and after that will physically answer the inquiry with an interface (Instructor Agent). Another Q&A will be framed and spared to the Q&A information base, after an inquiry answered by the educator.

4. Question Answering Knowledge Base

A learning base gives a way to gather, composed, shared, sought and used data. Questions and answers information base is a learning base where questions relating to a reply. The information will be gathered and rich, through the procedure of understudy question answer and physically educator reply.

Hardware Requirements:

 System: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.

 Hard Disk: 40 GB.

 Floppy Drive: 1.44 Mb.

 Monitor: 15 VGA Color.

 Mouse: Logitech.

 Ram: 512 Mb.

Software Requirements:

 Operating framework: Windows XP.

 Server: WampServer/XampServer.

 Coding Language: PHP

 Data Base: My-SQL

Download: Collaborative learning of students

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