Php project on Textile Shop management system


The idea of textile shop advancement is the manner by which to deal with the material shop in a decent way or say managing the material shop well from which individuals can get benefit or simply remain out from the difficulties, how the things are appropriate in the shopping center, what is the contribution to the shopping center and what is theoutput how to track the merchandise are accessible there or which is sort.All this is auto track by the application from which there will be no any troubles looking by themanagement after all there are sure report age in light of the shopping center day by day turnover, monthly turnover and so forth.

Textile Shop Management System is programming for material industries, which planned to decreasing the workload in the material industry. The Textile Management System is intended to permit theindustry to monitor all worker points of interest, material subtle elements, productdetails, dinner subtle elements and specialist points of interest. It keeps tracks of activeemployees and in addition workers who have left the material industry. The Textile administration System incorporates Front Office Module, Back Office Module, Human Resource Management Module, and Accounts Module. This will assist an approved client with inserting, delete,update or see the different records identified with representatives, items andmany more points of interest. This makes the product adaptable to utilize.


• Minimum Configuration:

To run the application programming of the framework in the PC the base design required is as beneath:

 233 MHz processor.

 128 MB SD-RAM

 2 – 4 GB Hard-Disk.

 4x Compact Disk drive or speedier.

 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive.

 Monitor. [ 640 x 480 Display ]

This is the short presentation of Hardware Configuration for the framework. The framework can work in most up to date innovation too. It is simply telling that framework can work with old innovation additionally in any case, it comprises this least arrangement of Hardware.


Executive requires some product. This product is utilized for the advancement, for example, coding and testing. Records are given underneath:

• Front End – PHP

• Back End – MySQL 5.0

• Server – Apache Server 2.0

• Design Tool – Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0

• Documentation Tools – Microsoft Word

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