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Built up an assault android application. It is intended for individuals who are under assault. They would press a catch on their telephone and it will accumulate their present area and begin recording a 5-second video with sound. This will at that point naturally send the area and video straight to the police or companion. The application additionally can actuate u…

Android Attack application

A major application worked for android handheld gadgets. It is an application that utilizations administrations of the camera, SMS, email, contacts, GPS, It sends recordings to present area coordinates for use by police or companions.


Usage is the phase of the undertaking when the hypothetical outline is transformed out into a working framework. Along these lines, it can be thought to be the most basic stage in accomplishing a fruitful new framework and in giving the client, a certainty that the new framework will work and be powerful.

The usage organize includes cautious arranging, examination of the current framework and its requirements on execution, planning of strategies to accomplish changeover and assessment of changeover techniques.


1. Contacts:

Include new contact (First name, Last name, Number)

2. Email contacts:

Include new email contacts (Mailer name, Email address)

3. Word Actuation:

Enter the word you need to utilize actuate the caution

 Word actuation off

 Decibel framework off

4. Personal Data

 Change Secret key (Enter old stick, Enter new stick, Re-enter new stick)

 Change Points of interest (First name, Last name, Address)

5. Data Offer assistance

 When you need to enact the assault application, press the frenzy catch.

 When it is in the dynamic state, you can deactivate the application by squeezing the deactivate catch. You at that point enter your 4 stick code and press alright to deactivate it. You just have 10 seconds to do.

 Click setting to change application operation. Tap on contacts and include new contact. This will be the individual you send the data to.

 You can include the same number of contacts as you need. You can erase a contact by holding the catch of their name.

 When you initially click email contacts catch, you will be made a request to enter in your Gmail deliver and watchword to get to that Gmail account crisis. When you fill in the shape you would then be able to include email contacts as you did with telephone contacts.

 When you click word enactment, you can set the word you need to actuate the application. Press spare when you wrote it in. in the event that you need to turn the word enactment on, click it on at the base. You can likewise enact a decibel framework where it will go off when it achieves a specific commotion level

 Click change secret word to change your old watchword to another one. click change points of interest in the event that you need to change individual data

Framework Necessities

Hardware Requirements:

 System: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.

 Hard Plate: 40 GB.

 Floppy Drive: 1.44 Mb.

 Monitor: 15 VGA Shading.

 Mouse: Logitech.

 Ram: 512 Mb.

Software Requirements:

 Operating framework: Windows XP.

 Coding Language: Java 1.6

 Tool Kit: Android 2.2

 IDE: Eclipse

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