Php project on No Dues Management System


Students should get their no dues cleared from each department at the end of the degree or any point of time they need to leave the college which is extremely tedious and painstaking work. Every Student needs to go to each specific department to get their no dues signed by particular authorities of the department so that if there are any dues then it must be cleared. Along these lines, we are focusing on building up a no dues administration system which will produce computerized no dues form showing the due status.


The main target of this system is to lessen the utilization of time usually taken during maintaining the records of the contribution administration. Isolate divisions are created to keep up the records of authority, students, and dues details. As it were, DUEVET has the accompanying objectives: 1. The simple database is maintained. 2. Easy operation for the administrator of the system. 3. UIs are easy to use and appealing, it requires less investment for the administrator to get used to with the system.


Following is a rundown of functionalities of the system. Greater usefulness that we discover proper can be added to this rundown. What’s more, set up the portrayal of usefulness isn’t sufficient; we can make suitable presumptions and continue. For the Administrator the accompanying takes after:  The head must make the sections of the considerable number of students and respective authorities into the database.  The director must make a login id for all of the authorities and must provide them with a client id and a password.


For the Department following standards takes after:  Every office experts must note down the points of interest of the student at whatever point a student takes anything from the division.  The authorities should likewise keep the points of interest of when and what has been taken from the department.

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