The project entitled “Insurance Management system” manages the working concept of Life Insurance Corporation. This project is to develop for insurance organization to atomize work technique, utilizing this system to agents and policyholders can know details about present policies, schemes, policy specifications, terms and conditions on the policy, policy registration by the clients. Operator commission depends on client approach register and target specialist accomplishes for every month or year. This system maintains data of branch directors who can manage agents and clients. There is no need for human interface in calculating any details. Total work is done management administration system which will save time and less paperwork and even human resource. The proposed system gives the easy solution for the above and some different issues by giving a common and centralized database structure for all individuals. The developed website gives the following facilities to the administrator clients. Insurance services in the medieval age policy agents and policyholders have utilized the paper to take cash from the insurance transaction, however, know the innovation is completely created everything is being changed over to computerized. Presently multi day’s everybody is utilizing the internet in this quick race the business and money making individuals are additionally utilizing. No nation, no organization and no people need to fall back in this fast generation everybody needs to the lead the group.

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