Block-based discrete wavelet transform singular value decomposition image watermarking scheme using human visual system characteristics


Digital watermarking has been counseled as a way to reap digital protection. The purpose of digital watermarking is to insert the secret statistics into the image besides significantly affecting the visual quality. This learn about gives a robust block-based photo watermarking scheme based totally on the singular value decomposition (SVD) and human visualdevice in the discrete wavelet radically change (DWT) domain. The proposed approach is regarded to be a block-based scheme that utilises the entropy and part entropy as HVS traits for the selection of full-size blocks to embed the watermark, which is a binary watermark logo. The blocks of the lowest entropy values and part entropy values are selected as the greatregions to insert the watermark. After the first level of DWT decomposition, the SVD is carried out on the low-low sub-band to regulate a number ofelements in its U matrix in accordance to predefined conditions. The experimental effects of the proposed scheme confirmed excessiveimperceptibility and excessive robustness in opposition to all photoprocessing assaults and countless geometrical assaults the usage ofexamples of widespread and actual images. Furthermore, the proposed scheme outperformed countless preceding schemes in phrases of imperceptibility and robustness. The security trouble is increased by way ofencrypting a portion of the vital information the usage of Advanced Standard Encryption a key size of 192-bits (AES-192).

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