Embedded Project on Railway Track Security System


The project is designed to detect a crack, if any, on the railway track and alert the respective railway department. This is to avoid rail accidents by using latest communication technologies. In this project, GSM communication protocols are utilized to convey the message of crack identification via SMS.

This project utilizes a microcontroller from 8051 family. The essential object of this project is to detect the crack in the railway track and alert the adjacent station through effectively and highly reliable communication mode.

To exhibit this project, two rails framing the part of a track are made utilizing a pair of wire which is associated with a separable jumper in the middle of each wire/track. Evacuating the separable jumper makes a fault in the respective track; else it is by and large shorted by the jumper wire to reproduce healthy track condition.

Evacuating the jumpers bring about driving transistors conveying an alternate rationale to the controller. The program from that point assumes control to send a SMS through GSM modem interfaced through a level shifter IC to the microcontroller. A LCD is likewise interfaced to the MC to show the status of GSM and track condition.

In this way, the proposed demonstration is intended to perceive the breaks in the railroad tracks and gives moment data to the concerned rail route experts. The power supply comprises a step-down transformer 230/12V, which ventures down the voltage to 12V AC. This is changed over to DC utilizing a Bridge Rectifier.

The ripples are removed utilizing a capacitive filter and it is then controlled to +5V utilizing a voltage controller 7805 which is required for the task of the microcontroller and different components.

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