Enhancing Performance and Energy Efficiency for Hybrid Workloads in Virtualized Cloud Environment


Virtualization has accomplished standard status in big business IT industry. In spite of its across the board appropriation, it is realized that virtualization likewise presents non-paltry overhead when executing undertakings on a virtual machine (VM). Specifically, a consolidated impact from gadget virtualization overhead and CPU booking dormancy can cause execution corruption when calculation concentrated undertakings and I/O serious errands are co-situated on a VM. Such an impedance causes additional vitality utilization, too. In this paper, we display Hylics, a novel arrangement that empowers proficient information cross ways for both I/O and calculation serious workloads. This is accomplished with the arrangement of in-memory record framework and system benefit at the hypervisor level. A few vital plan issues are pinpointed and tended to amid our model execution, including proficient moderate information sharing, organize benefit offloading, and QoS-mindful memory use administration. In view of our genuine organization on KVM, Hylics can essentially enhance calculation and I/O execution for mixture workloads. In addition, this plan likewise mitigates the current virtualization overhead and normally improves the general vitality effectiveness.

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