An online learning framework utilizing venture based learning and Imagineering depends on the online task, which can be worked on assorted types of PCs and cell phones. The goals of the advancement of this electronic learning framework are to empower the opportunity of self-learning, to advance connection and collaboration in light of the ideas and speculations of task-based learning and Imagineering learning, and to make instructional exercises in view of the new ideas comparing to trademark improvement of students in the 21st century, which empowers the students to have imagination and capacity to produce new development. With respect to engineering outline, the scientist utilized the ideas of the blended learning process, which is the mix of the venture based learning and Imagineering learning, so as to help the instructional procedure inside the framework. Additionally, the specialist depended on the adaptable instructional exercises and instructional administration framework so that the students could secure the productive gaining from the framework. Also, there was an assortment of specialized gadgets to help and advance the joint effort also, exercises inside the framework. The consequences of this exploration can be condensed as taking after (1) The framework engineering comprises of three fundamental components, i.e. 1.1) Stakeholders; 1.2) System Components, i.e. Learning process, Activity, Framework Element, and Communication Tools; and 1.3) Database; (2) Learning process inside the framework comprises of six stages, relating to the Imagineering learning, i.e. 1) Imagine 2) Design 3) Develop 4) Present 5) Improvement furthermore, 6) Evaluate; and (3) The electronic learning framework, can be isolated into two frameworks: 1) Student framework; and 2) Lecturer framework and overseer framework.


• Minimum Configuration:

To run the application programming of the framework in the PC the base design required is as underneath:

 233 MHz processor.

 128 MB SD-RAM

 2 – 4 GB Hard-Disk.

 4x Compact Disk drive or speedier.

 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive.

 Monitor. [ 640 x 480 Display ]

This is the short presentation of Hardware Configuration for the framework. The framework can work in most current innovation moreover. It is simply telling that framework can work with old innovation additionally at the same time, it comprises this least design of Hardware.


Head requires some product. This product is utilized for the advancement, for example, coding and testing. Records are given underneath:

• Front End – PHP

• Back End – MySQL 5.0

• Server – Apache Server 2.0

• Design Tool – Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0

• Documentation Tools – Microsoft Word

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