Php project on Placement Management System


The project is aimed for developing an application for the “ONLINE PLACEMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” of the school. The system is an application that can be accessed to and effectively utilized all through the organization with appropriate login enabled. This system can be utilized as an application for the Placement Officers in the college to manage the student data concerning the position. Student logging ought to have the capacity to upload their personal and educational data as a resume. The key highlight of this project is that it is one-time online registration enabled. Our project provides the facility of maintaining the details of interest of the students. It reduces the manual work and consumes less paperwork to reduce the time. This project is developed with PHP for frontend and MY SQL for a backend.


The point of the proposed system is to develop a system with enhanced facilities. The proposed system can overcome all the limitation of the existing system, for example, student’s data is maintain in the database, it gives more security to information, guarantees information accuracy, decreases paperwork and save time, only eligible students get chance, it makes data to flow efficient and paves way for simple report generation, reduce the space. The proposed system is cost effective.

DOWNLOAD:  Placement Management System

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