Dynamic Modeling and Controller Design of Dual-Mode Cuk Inverter in Grid-Connected PV/TE Applications


This project displays a double mode Cuk inverter for photovoltaic/thermoelectric power applications. A double mode Cuk inverter works in both Discontinous conduction mode (DCM) and continous conduction mode (CCM), and has the benefits of low ripples of voltage and current at the input and output, medium power density, and step up/stpe down capacity, however is hard to control in light of the fact that DCM and CCM have distinct system dynamics.

To defeat this control issue, we propose to utilize a repetitive s controller (RC) with a various stage lead compensator for the double mode Cuk inverter. In the event that the RC is connected without anyone else, the particular system elements may seriously corrupt its system execution. Subsequently, in the proposed RC, we for the most part utilize a numerous stage lead compensator to adjust for the distinctive stage slacks of the double mode Cuk inverter.

To decrease the weight from the RC, we utilize the double mode ostensible obligation proportion as feed forward control input. We additionally break down the limit of activity modes in the double mode Cuk inverter, at that point give itemized and pragmatic rules to plan the control parameters. Trial results acquired on a 500-W carefully controlled module coordinated converter model affirmed the viability of the control approach.

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