Php project on Traffic accident Record Management System


The collection management and dissemination of road traffic accident (RTA) related evens has represented a serious issue to road safety officers and all stakeholders alike. This is particularly true as a result of the absence of a central repository from which all accident-related data can be stored and managed. Where accessible, these data are available in the paper-based form and this represents a bottleneck in updating the available data. In this investigation, a Web-based Road Traffic Accident Monitoring System (RTAMS) was created for Indian.

The Road Traffic Accident Monitoring System (RTAMS) was produced utilizing Adobe Dreamweaver and Notepad++ as the Integrated Development Environments, HTML, CSS and JavaScript were utilized for the frontend, PHP was utilized as the scripting dialect, and MySQL filled in as the database server. Most of the languages and tools utilized were open source which guaranteed that the application would be robust, reusable, cheap and highly scalable. The result of the developed system demonstrates that road safety officers, clients, policy producers and every other stakeholder can have the capacity to register, login, submit reports and run questions on data that has been already gone into the system, for example, the accident that happened on a particular route or the accident in which a recognized casualty was included. Policy creators can run these inquiries keeping in mind the end goal to make appropriate steps in minimizing road traffic accident occurrences. In conclusion, this system will help make a paperless other option to the present strategy for RTA data and consequently make data dissemination faster and furthermore enhance first aid to accident occurrences.

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