Php project on Avoid Food Wastage


This task is utilized to oversee wastage sustenances helpfully. Consistently the general population is squandering loads of sustenances. So we need to lessen that nourishment wastage issue through on the web. On the off chance that anybody has wastage nourishments they are entering their sustenance amount points of interest and their address in that application and afterward the administrator keep up the subtle elements of sustenance donator.

The donator can make the record and at whatever point they are having wastage nourishment they can log in and offer demand to the administrator. What’s more, the administrator likewise keeps up the buyer(orphanage, poor people,..) subtle elements as well. After the administrator sees the donator demand and gives the alarm message like time to come and gather the sustenance.

Also, the administrator gathers sustenances from donator through their adjacent operator at that point give to closest shelters or destitute individuals. Subsequent to getting the nourishment from the specialist by the administrator and give a ready message to that donator. On the off chance that the donator requires any insight about the halfway house with helping figured they can offer demand to the administrator and gather the shelter subtle elements.

This venture is sustenance redistribution is a colossally effective social advancement that handles nourishment waste and sustenance neediness. The client’s subtle elements are kept up private since it keeps up a different record for every client.

Existing System

In an existing framework in the event that anybody has additional sustenance in light of any capacity or in their home, it will be turned out to be squandered on the grounds that quickly there is no real way to impart to anybody on the off chance that they are having heaps of nourishment. regardless of whether they need to give that additional nourishment to any halfway house or needy individuals they don’t have the time or don’t have a thought regarding that

With the goal that we have made an application for the support that additional sustenance to destitute individuals or adjacent halfway house.

Proposed System

In the proposed framework, we lessen that nourishment wastage utilizing that application.

This venture is nourishment redistribution is a gigantically effective social advancement that handles sustenance waste and nourishment destitution. the administrator gathers nourishment from donator through their adjacent operator at that point give to closest halfway houses or destitute individuals. In the wake of getting the nourishment from the operator by the administrator and give the ready message to that donator through along these lines, we can diminish sustenance wastage issue.


In this task comprise of the diverse sorts of the module.The modules are:

1.Donator Module

2.Agent Module

3.Admin Module

Admin Module

In administrator module, The manager keeps up the specialist subtle elements and in addition the donator details.The director gathers the sustenance from the operator. The overseer gives the halfway house points of interest straightforwardly to the donator.

Donator Module

In donator module, the donator gives the wastage of nourishment to the shelter. The donator gives the demand to the administrator with the end goal of to gather the wastage food.The donator sees the halfway house points of interest and specialist subtle elements.

Specialist Module

In Agent module, the specialist keeps up the shelter details.It can likewise keep up the donator details.The operator gives the demand to the administrator to gather the nourishment from the donator.After gathering the sustenance the operator gives the alarm message for the donator.


• Hardware – Pentium

• Speed – 1.1 GHz

• RAM – 1GB

• Hard Disk – 20 GB

• Floppy Drive – 1.44 MB

• Key Board – Standard Windows Keyboard

• Mouse – Two or Three Button Mouse

• Monitor – SVGA

Software  Requirements:

• Operating System: Windows

• Technology: PHP

• Web Technologies : Html, JavaScript, CSS

• IDE : Notepad++

• Web Server: Wamp2.2e

• Database: My SQL

Download: Avoid Food Wastage

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