Nutraceuticals Management System


As of late, there is a developing enthusiasm for nutraceuticals which give medical advantages and are other option to current prescription. Supplements, herbals, and dietary supplements are significant constituents of nutraceuticals which make them instrumental in looking after wellbeing, act against different malady conditions and in this manner advance the personal satisfaction. The touchy development, inquire about improvements, the absence of guidelines, showcasing energy, quality confirmation and direction will assume a key part in its prosperity or disappointment. The enthusiasm for nutraceuticals and utilitarian sustenances keeps on developing, fueled by dynamic research endeavors to recognize properties and potential utilization of nutraceutical substances, and combined with open intrigue and buyer request. The foremost explanations behind the development of the practical sustenance showcase are present populace and wellbeing patterns.


In existing framework compose the whole data in record and records. It is hard to look and recover significant information when required. It is hard to see a specific data rapidly. Part of time has to look through the information.

Frequently the information is botched and this prompts loss of data.It is hard to track the points of interest.


The proposed framework is an online application which keeps up a concentrated store of all vital information.This enables the clients to get to the data easily.The framework permits to track and deal with all data through very much characterized interfaces.


1. The user can look through the subtle elements extremely easily.For eg: natural products name,veg name,vitamins,advantages wise,etc…

2. The user can see all information.For eg: What sort of ailments, vitamins, and advantages are there specifically natural products or vegetables.


1. Nutraceuticals

2. User module

3. Vegetables and natural products


Nutraceutical, a portmanteau of the words “nourishment” and “pharmaceutical”, is a sustenance or nourishment item that apparently gives wellbeing and health advantages, including the anticipation and treatment of infection. Wellbeing Canada characterizes the term as “an item segregated or sanitized from nourishments that are, for the most part, sold in therapeutic structures, not as a rule related to sustenance. A nutraceutical is exhibited to have a physiological advantage or give security against constant infection.” Such items may extend from separated supplements, dietary supplements, and particular eating regimens to hereditarily built sustenances, home grew items, and handled nourishments, for example, oats, soups, and refreshments. With late advancements in cell level nutraceutical specialists, analysts, and restorative experts are creating layouts for coordinating and evaluating data from clinical investigations on integral and elective treatments into dependable therapeutic practice.

Neighborhood blending properties in light of group mining. One people group clients share data, photographs, and helpful assets. That time same group another client see a similar data. The group arranges is a various leveled structure.


In this module new client enroll profile. The client can view and refresh their profiles if necessary. The client can have the advantages of looking through every one of the mixes as indicated by their necessities. The client got the occasions data every day refreshes.


Sound weight control plans rich in products of the soil may decrease the danger of growth and other constant maladies. Foods grown from the ground additionally give fundamental vitamins and minerals, fiber, and different substances that are critical for good health.Most products of the soil are normally low in fat and calories and are filling.

Products of the soil are wellsprings of numerous vitamins, minerals and other common substances that may help shield you from constant sicknesses. Eating leafy foods of various hues gives your body an extensive variety of significant supplements, similar to fiber, folate, potassium, and vitamins A and C. This outline of Nutrition Information for Fruits and Vegetables gives cases of products of the soil that are wellsprings of particular supplements.

H/W System Configuration:-

Processor – Pentium – III

Speed – 1.1 GHz

Slam – 256 MB (min)

Hard Disk – 20 GB

Floppy Drive – 1.44 MB

Console – Standard Windows Keyboard

Mouse – Two or Three Button Mouse

Screen – SVGA

S/W System Configuration:-

Working System: Windows95/98/2000/XP

Application Server: Tomcat5.0/6.X

Front End: HTML, Java, JSP

Contents : JavaScript.

Server-side Script: Java Server Pages.

Database: My SQL

Database Connectivity: JDBC.

Download: Nutraceuticals

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