AN068 – Android Sentence Framer Application


English is one of the easier languages to learn, compared with other complex languages. Learning English is helpful for more reasons, but achieving true fluency takes additional dedication and determination. While you may speak excellent English, you’re not considered as “fluent” until the point that you accomplish a specific ease in speaking and feel comfortable utilizing expressions and idioms. To master in English sentence and fluency, we here built up a software project named Sentence Framer. The application shows different classes like food, games, breakfast and so on… from which the client can choose any of the classification to show a content of its. After selection of any one category, the application enables a client to choose multiple images of his decision from which the application frames a sentence and shows to the client. Client can get to the system directly without login. This is how the client could easily construct English sentences and furthermore can learn a lot from this system.

This system comprises of 2 Major Modules as follows:

1. Admin Module
– System allows admin to add details like id, image, word, article & tense for below given syntax:
a. Add Object,
b. Add Verb,
c. Add Subject,
d. Add Conjunction,
e. Add Preposition.

2. User Module
a. Select Object,
b. Select Verb,
c. Select Subject,
d. Select Conjunction,
e. Select Preposition,
f. Frames a Sentence.

DOWNLOAD: Sentence Framer Application

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