Embedded Project on Density Based Traffic Signal System


The project is intended to build up a density-based dynamic traffic signal system. The flag timing changes consequently on detecting the traffic density intersection. Traffic congestion is a serious issue in numerous significant urban communities over the world and it has turned into a bad dream for the workers in these urban communities.

Ordinary activity light framework depends on settled time idea apportioned to each side of the intersection which can’t be fluctuated according to shifting movement thickness. Intersection timings apportioned are settled. Some of the time higher activity thickness at one side of the intersection requests longer green time when contrasted with standard designated time.

The proposed framework utilizing a microcontroller of 8051 family properly interfaced with sensors, changes the intersection timing naturally to suit development of vehicles easily keeping away from superfluous holding up time at the intersection.

The sensors utilized as a part of this undertaking are IR and photodiodes are in observable pathway design over the heaps to identify the thickness at the activity flag. The thickness of the vehicles is estimated in three zones i.e., low, medium, high in light of which timings are assigned appropriately.

Promote the undertaking can be upgraded by synchronizing all the activity intersections in the city by setting up a system among them. The system can be wired or remote. This synchronization will enormously help in reducing traffic congestion.

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