Embedded Project on Thermistor Based Temperature Control


The project is designed to develop a temperature control framework utilizing a thermistor. It is useful to keep up a constant temperature of an encased area.

At whatever temperature increments beyond certain value, a lamp (demonstrating a cooler) is switched on to bring the temperature to normal value. As switching ON of load is done automatically so this framework doesn’t expect anyone to monitor the temperature in person.

Negative co-proficient thermistor is utilized along with an operational amplifier to acute the relay in case of temperature going out of range. Thermistor is regularly utilized instead of other temperature sensors since they are low cost.

However, most their resistance versus-temperature qualities are exceptionally nonlinear and need correction for applications that require a linear response. An change in temperature will modify the info parameters to the operation amp. The operation amp conveys a output to energize the relay and switch ON/OFF the lamp.

This project can be improved by utilizing a digital temperature sensor rather than a analog one. We can Increase the accuracy of the temperature control framework.

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