.NET Project On A Spatiotemporal Approach for Secure Range Queries in Tiered Sensor Networks


We focus on a two-tier sensor coordinate with the resource-rich master nodes at the upper tier and resource poor sensor nodes at the lower tier. Master nodes gather information from sensor nodes and answer the queries from the network proprietor. The reliance on mater nodes for information storage and query processing raises serious concerns about the both data confidentiality and query result correctness in hostile environments. Specifically, a compromised master node may leak hosted sensitive data to the adversary; it might likewise return juggled or incomplete data in response to a query. This project shows a novel spatiotemporal way to deal with ensure secure range queries in event driven two-level sensor networks. It offers data confidentiality by preventing master nodes from reading hosted data and also enables efficient range-query processing. More importantly, it allows the network proprietor to verify with very high probability whether a query result is authentic and complete by examining the spatial and temporal relationships among the returned data. The high efficacy and efficiency of our approach are confirmed by detailed performance evaluations.


The reliance on master nodes for data storage and query processing raises serious security concerns. Specifically, many target application environments of WSNs, for example,forests and oceans are unattended and hostile in nature.


Master nodes are attractive targets of attack and may be compromised by the adversary. Let master node store encrypted data for which they don’t hold the decryption keys, while enabling efficient query processing. our strategy enables the system proprietor to verify the authenticity and completeness of any query result. In this paper, we focus on supporting range queries which are an important and common type of queries in sensor networks and ask for data within a certain range.


1. General Approach

2. Adversary Model

3. Range Queries Over Encrypted Data

4. Master Node – Network Owner

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