AN044 – Floating Camera Widget Android


Consider of you as need a camera on your smartphone which is constantly open regardless of any application you open it is still there and you require everything the time. At that point, we show you this system which we call Floating Camera Widget, which acts like a Widget and its skimming regardless of any application is opened it sits dependably over your application. The Working of this system is exceptionally basic as the application is propelled the system will approach you for the camera mode i.e. front camera or back cam additionally it will solicit you the size from the camera going 1% TO 100% and in the event that it has a littler size, you can move it and can keep it anyplace on your screen that won’t interrupt on the camera see. The see has two choices one is close and second is return home. In the event that you tap on close it will close the camera and on the off chance that you tap on home it will take u back to the landing page where you can change the camera properties i.e. the mode and size. In android camera can just have one case opened so in the event that you open an application which utilizes a camera, the see which sits on the best will be stopped.

DOWNLOAD: Floating Camera Widget Android

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