An Arduino-based subsystem for controlling UAVs through GSM


Long separation and past sight of view correspondence between a ground control station and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is for the most part accomplished utilizing high-gain reception apparatuses, recieving wire trackers or satellites. These usage request costly, substantial and not effortlessly sent hardware, while by and large can’t give an adequate correspondence extend. The current work proposes and exhibits a lightweight and ease Arduino-based media transmission subsystem that is fit for sending control directions to the UAV dependent on GSM or GPRS the most broadly sent cell systems standard. Amid field preliminaries control directions effectively exchanged from a cell phone and in addition a workstation to the UAV autopilot, with a normal time of 2.6 sec and 0.5 sec separately. The proposed subsystem can be implanted autonomously or exist together with other control frameworks, adding to an omnipresent UAVs the executives framework.

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