Embedded Project on Closed-Loop Control for a Brushless DC Motor to Run at the Exactly Entered Speed


The project is designed to control the speed of a BLDC engine utilizing closed loop control system. BLDC engine has different application utilized as industries like in drilling, lathes, spinning, elevators, electric bikes and so on. The speed control of the DC engines is extremely fundamental.

This proposed framework gives an extremely precise and effective speed control framework. The client can enter the desired speed and the engine will keep running at that exact speed.

The guideline of PWM speed can be controlled. This is accomplished by keeping BLDC engine on closed-loop input by giving RPM reference to the microcontroller upon a shaft mounted IR reflection plan. An LCD properly interfaced to the microcontroller to show the running speed.

The desired speed in the level of full speed is fed with help of keypad. The controller delivers desired pulse width to automatically adjust the DC capacity to the motor for required speed. The above operation is carried out by utilizing one optoisolator and a MOSFET for driving the BLDC engine with IR detecting for getting the speed reference to the microcontroller.

Further the project can be upgraded to a completely fledged fuzzy logic control of a BLDC motor for industrial applications. It can also be developed for an intelligent cruise control used in modern automobiles these days.

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