Just Noticeable Difference Estimation for Screen Content


We propose a novel simply perceptible distinction (JND) show for a screen content picture (SCI). The unmistakable properties of the SCI result in various practices of the human visual framework when seeing the literary substance, which persuade us to utilize a neighborhood parametric edge demonstrate with a versatile portrayal of the edge profile in JND displaying. Specifically, we deteriorate each edge profile into its luminance, difference, and structure, and after that assess the perceivability limit in various ways. The edge luminance adjustment, differentiate concealing, and auxiliary contortion affectability are considered in abstract trials, and the last JND show is set up in view of the edge profile reproduction with middle of the road varieties.

Broad investigations are led to check the proposed JND show, which affirm that it is exact in foreseeing the JND profile, and outflanks the best in class conspires as far as the contortion covering capacity. Besides, we investigate the relevance of the proposed JND demonstrate in the situation of perceptually lossless SCI pressure, and trial results demonstrate that the proposed plan can beat the ordinary JND guided pressure conspires by giving better visual quality at a similar coding bits.

BASE PAPER: Just Noticeable Difference Estimation for Screen

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