AN006 – An Application of Mobile Computing for Complaint Monitoring System


The system consists of an Android application as customer application and a pc acting about as a web server. The client must have the android application installed on his cell phone. On the first time utilize, the client may now need to register on the application. The client details are currently stored on the server DB. Next, the client may now login utilizing username and password. After login, the client now accesses the complaint form. The client may post a complaint on the application and post it. The complaint message is sent to the server. Server may now reply to the complaint and the reply is sent on the user’s Android cell phone. This application can be used by the client who wants to complain about the illegal post made by other web users. User can make a complaint about any fraud e-commerce websites. This system helps to detect fraud e-commerce websites as well as this application will save the time of the user, as the user doesn’t have to travel to make a complaint against illegal activities.

DOWNLOAD: An Application of Mobile Computing for Complaint Monitoring System

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