AN045 – Android Geo Fencing App Project


A Geofence is a virtual perimeter of interest that can be set up to flame notices when it is entered or exited or both. Here in this system, we introduce you human health geo-fencing in 3 distinct parts; Human Tracking, Destination and Fisherman. In Human Tracking there are 2 clients and in this way another different application for client where he will refresh his picture and area at whatever point he begins the application and the in the administrator side i.e. the individual who is following can appoint a particular area where the client needs to go and check the pictures and the area he visited. In the Destination, the client can include an assignment with the waypoints for which he can track by choosing to begin voyage and track his present adventure towards the coveted errand and check likewise check his undertaking logs after he completed the assignment.

The principal thought of Fisherman is the point at which the worldwide border comes in; the application finds his present organizes and check for the limit or edge that is being set where he can’t go past it. The system sounds an when the client is 50 km from it.

Download: Android Geo Fencing App Project

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