AN043 – Child Monitoring System App


Nowadays parents are stressed about their children’s so they need an entire track of them and monitor them all the time, This is physically unrealistic so we present Safety Monitoring system which is useful for monitoring or tracking the children and their exercises from anyplace in the world. The major issue of the child missing can be explained with the help of child tracking system and in addition, parents who need to monitor a track of their every step, this system plays a  vital  part.

The android application utilizes GPS and communication administrations to find their children’s location. This application covertly recovers all the Call Logs, Message Details, Contact list and precise Location without the children’s permission or without their insight as this application runs is in background and the major advantage of this feature is, if child reboots the Mobile phone the background process starts as the reboot is complete, so the process is never-ending.

This application sends every one of the information from the child’s cell phone to the server and from the server to the parent’s cellphone in every 10mins interval. This application is isolated into 2 Apps, one is for the parent where they can see every one of the exercises of their children’s and other is the Child Part, where the child can only see a calculator while the data is been fetched in the background without child’s knowledge.

DOWNLOAD: Child Monitoring System App

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