Fp023 – Providing Task Allocation and Secure Deduplication for Mobile Crowdsensing via Fog Computing


Portable crowdsensing empowers a horde of people to helpfully gather information for unique intrigue clients utilizing their cell phones. The achievement of portable crowdsensing to a great extent relies upon the taking an interest versatile clients. The more extensive investment, the all the more detecting information are gathered; by and by, the more duplicate information might be produced, along these lines bringing pointless overwhelming correspondence overhead.

Consequently it is basic to take out copy information to enhance correspondence proficiency, a.k.a., information deduplication. Tragically, detecting information is typically secured, making its deduplication testing. In this paper, we propose a mist helped portable crowdsensing system, empowering haze hubs to apportion errands dependent on client portability for enhancing the exactness of undertaking task. Further, a mist helped secure information deduplication conspire (Fo-SDD) is acquainted with enhance correspondence productivity while ensuring information secrecy.

In particular, a BLS-unmindful pseudo-irregular capacity is intended to empower haze hubs to distinguish and expel duplicate information in detecting reports without uncovering the substance of reports. To ensure the security of versatile clients, we additionally stretch out the Fo-SDD to conceal clients’ characters amid information gathering. In doing as such, Chameleon hash work is utilized to accomplish commitment guarantee and reward recovery for unknown versatile clients. At last, we exhibit that the two plans accomplish secure, proficient information deduplication.

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