Fp019 – MAGA: A Mobility-Aware Computation Offloading Decision for Distributed Mobile Cloud Computing


Dispersed versatile distributed computing (MCC) is the new worldview for giving omnipresent cloud assets to portable clients with low idleness. Versatility is a critical factor in circulated MCC which may bring about irregular availability and thusly fizzle calculation offloading demands. Most recent inquires about on human portability demonstrate that versatility of clients present characteristic examples, periodicity, and consistency. This rouses us to propose a versatile access forecast calculation dependent on tail coordinating subsequence, whose viability and exactness is approved by investigations utilizing reality portability dataset.

At that point MAGA, a versatility mindful offloading choice strategy for appropriated MCC is proposed in this paper for single-work, multicomponent, and multisite offloading situation. The proposed portable access forecast is utilized in MAGA for cloudlet dependability estimation. A whole number encoding-based versatile hereditary calculation is utilized for offloading choice. Examination results demonstrate the execution favorable circumstances of MAGA.

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