AN057 – Product Review Analysis For Genuine Rating


This system is utilized to assist a client with getting an item taking care of business decision and best cost. The Admin and the client part both are an Android Application hence the front end utilizes Android Studio and SQL Server as its Backend. This system enables the client to investigate an item with various audits and rating appraised by different clients and for his straightforwardness the system demonstrates the general normal rating of that item. The System likewise enables the client to think about 2 results of a similar kind or same class and to rate and audit the item as he wishes as well yet restricting to just once per item. The System is intended to give a harsh and in addition a much point by point thought of whether the client ought to go for an item. The System gives a rundown of dealers and its cost offered which is included by the administrator for the client’s accommodation and inclination. The Users part is to look at for the item utilizing every one of the assets offered by the system in finding the best item and give his rating and audit. The User is additionally permitted to give his criticism. The Admin is capable to include refresh or erase an item while including seller’s data also and in like manner see clients and their feedback.

DOWNLOAD: Product Review Analysis For Genuine Rating

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