RCC004- Designing and Planning of Auditorium


The principle point of this paper is to recognize how acoustics where for the most part accomplish in halls base on the strategy, methods and the materials been utilized. This paper will talk about the progress after some time. It will cover how the plan started from the past (Roman, Greek extravagant, renaissance periods) to the present (twentieth century). The paper will additionally talk about some contextual analyses which are from various periods. The choice of the case consider depended on their amazing acoustics characteristics of the spaces.

It will give better comprehension on how acoustics arrangement where been accomplish in amphitheaters/theaters from the past to the present. At last, the paper will call attention to some real advantages of utilizing acoustics in assembly rooms and furthermore talk about on what causes poor quality sound in the present assembly halls and afterward recommend the utilization level boards innovation and line – stone material as it has incredible effect in accomplishing great and subjective acoustics previously.

BASE PAPER: Designing and Planning of Auditorium

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