AN059 – Mobile Wallet With Merchant Payment Using Android


Android Merchant Application utilizing QR as the name states is utilized for QR code scaning for the transactions between a customer and a merchant go Cashless. There are 2 Android Applications one for the Merchant where the vendor application examines the QR code and the other for the purchaser which produces the QR Code. The Front End utilized is Android Studio and Bank End utilized is SQL Server. This System manages the liquid money exchanges between a dealer and customer improving the unwavering quality and the snappy monitory exchanges on both the closures.

This System works in an alternate form when the Merchant filters the QR code from the shoppers application the sum is moved into the dealer’s wallet and he can exchange the sum to his financial balance on his straightforwardness. The customer needs to stack his wallet utilizing his charge or Credit card and he can likewise spare his card details for sometime later.

The Consumer is permitted to revive any prepaid number from his wallet or card. This System produces an interesting QR Code Id to check whether the Merchant or the information has not been altered after the QR code is created. Every one of the passwords are encoded utilizing AES Encryption Algorithm. The Merchant is permitted to change his bank and individual points of interest too.

DOWNLOAD: Android Merchant Application Using QR

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