AN058 – Android Smart City Traveler


Android Smart City Traveler by the Name demonstrated keenly makes it route in investigating client’s preferences and the day and age the client will investigate a place and gives him with Amazing outcomes as 3 ways to use the time. This System is fundamentally used to help an explorer new to the city or any individual who needs to investigate a city in the given day and age, the framework makes utilization of the Foursquare Api to get every one of the areas and spots with all their data to sort and place it before the client in 3 ways to settle on his decision.

The Places are arranged and chosen in light of the best rakings by the foursquare. Amid the client Registration the client is made a few inquiries helping them to sift through in looking through the spots, the spots are shown on the maps giving a reasonable thought of the area and giving the ways starting with one place then onto the next from the begin area to the end area. The Time shouldn’t surpass 22 hours and the touring plan u picks is spared just for a solitary day and surpassing will be broken up.

On the off chance that the time determined by the client surpasses 8 hours i.e. between 9am to 7 pm the framework additionally asks u whether u needs to visit an enterprise or water stop and will demonstrate u alternatives in light of the rankings and surveys about it. Since the Traveler might be new to the city not knowing wherever, in the guide see if the client taps on the marker he can see the appraisals and surveys which are recorded from the Foursquare itself. The System requires A Working Internet Connection all the ideal opportunity for the application to work.

The frontend of the System makes utilization of Android Studio while SQL Server as the Backend.

DOWNLOAD: Android Smart City Traveler

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