Wastage Food SMS Alert Apps System


This project is utilized to manage wastage foods in useful ways. Consistently the people wasting lots of foods. So we need to reduce that food wastage issue through on the online. On the off chance that anybody has wastage foods they are entering their food quantity details and their address in that application and after that, the administrator maintains the details of interest of food donator.

The donator can make the record and at whatever point they are having wastage food they can log in and give a request to the administrator. Furthermore, the administrator also maintain the buyer(orphanage,poor people,..) deatils as well. After the administrator see the donator demand and give the alert message like time to come and gather the sustenance.

Furthermore, the administrator collect foods from donator through their nearby agent at that point give to closest orphanages or poor people. After getting the sustenance from the operator by the administrator and give the alert message to that donator. If the donator requires any deatil about the orphanage with helping throught they can offer demand to the administrator and collect the shelter points of interest.

This project is sustenance redistribution is a massively effective social advancement that handles nourishment waste and nourishment neediness. The client’s points of interest are kept up classified since it keeps up a different record for every client.

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