A Sensor Based Dual Arm Tele Robotic System


We present a novel framework to accomplish facilitated assignment constructed control in light of a double arm modern robot for the general undertakings of visual servoing and bimanual half breed movement/drive control. The modern robot, comprising of a turning middle and two seven level of-opportunity arms, performs independent vision-based target arrangement of the two arms with the guide of fiducial markers, two-gave getting a handle on and constrain control, and vigorous question control in a tele-automated structure. The administrator utilizes hand movements to direction the coveted position for the protest by means of Microsoft Kinect while the independent power controller keeps up a steady handle. Signals identified by the Kinect are likewise used to direct unique task modes. We exhibit the adequacy of our methodology utilizing an assortment of normal articles with various sizes, shapes, weights, and surface compliances.

BASE PAPER: A Sensor Based Dual Arm Tele Robotic System

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