Embedded Project on Speed Checker to Detect Rash Driving on Highways


The goal of this project is to develop a device to detect rash driving on highways and to alert the traffic authorities if there should be an occurrence of any speed violation. Accident because of rash driving on highways are on the rise and people are losing their lives in view of others mistakes.

In the present system, to distinguish rash driving the police needs to utilize a handheld radar gun and go for the vehicle to record its speed. In the event that the speed of the vehicle exceed as far as possible, closest police headquarters is educated to stop the speeding vehicle. This is an ineffectual procedure as in the wake of detecting one needs to educate the same and a ton of time is squandered.

The proposed framework will keep an eye on rash driving by figuring the speed of a vehicle utilizing the time taken to movement between the two set focuses at a settled separation. A set point comprises of a couple of sensors including an IR transmitter and an IR collector, every one of which are introduced on either sides of the road.The speed restrict is set by the police who utilize the framework relying on the activity at the specific area.

The time taken by the vehicle to movement from one set point to the next is computed by control circuit. In light of that time it at that point computes the speed and shows that on seven section shows. In addition if the vehicle crosses as far as possible, a bell sounds alarming the police.

This idea can be extended out in future by integrating a camera with the framework which could capture the picture of the number plate of the vehicle to sends that to the traffic authorities.

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