AN061 – Geo Trends Classification Over Maps Android


The build application is android based application from which numerous clients can speak or remark about the most recent patterns. The application enables client to discuss continuous most recent patterns from regardless of client’s area. The application has the GPS (Global Positioning System) access to label the GPS area of client while remarking or posting about the pattern on an application. The system gets these GPS organizes and permits the administrator to check the directions of the client through a web application  The client may remark about different patterns and can determine an exceptional watchword utilizing hash (#) tag. For ex. #Diwali.

There is a web application created for administrator where administrator will become more acquainted with about the most recent pattern going ahead around the globe.The framework permits administrator to determine a keyword which is then put away into database. Admin can likewise look utilizing indicated/numerous catchphrases from which different outcomes will be gotten. The result contains the remark or a unique catchphrase with client’s area. The system enables administrator to see the area of the present pattern on Google maps. Admin will become acquainted with about the most recent patterns and furthermore become acquainted with which slant is as of now continuous at what area.

DOWNLOAD: Geo Trends Classification Over Maps Android

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