Php project on Employee Machinery Work Allocation System


This system makes the process of scheduling significantly much easier and computerized. By this system the manager or top-level assigned representative can fix the schedule of any employee working under him, he even can check whether the representative is free at the particular time or in other times.

In this way, the top level management can easily fix the scheduling and even can change the appointment which is reflected immediately to the related employee avoiding direct contact of the employee resulting about saving a lot of time and work overhead.

The system even has the choice to only viewing the employee’s activities or appointments. This feature avoids direct contact with the respective employee’s database and activities. There is a choice where just the supervisor (the top level manager) can have direct access to the worker’s activities, he can change the appointments of the employees working under him. No other employee of a similar designation or same level of the hierarchy can do this.

DOWNLOAD: Employee Machinery Work Allocation System

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