Php project on School Or College Time Table Generator


The manual arrangement of planning timetable in colleges a with huge number of students is very time consuming and usually ends up with different classes clashing either at same room or with same teachers having in more than one class at time.

These are only because of common human errors which are very difficult to prevent in the process such as these. To overcome these issues peoples usually taking the previous years timetable and modifying it but still at the same time, it is a tedicios job to incoperate changes.

To overcome all of these issues we propose to make an automated system. The system will take different data sources like details of students, subjects and classrooms and teachers available, depending upon these input sources it will create a possible timetable, making optimal use of all resources in a way that will best suit any of constraints or college rules.

List of subjects may include electives as well as core subjects. The case is similar to schools and other educational institutions. So our point is to build up a general purpose which can effectively generate an optimal solution.

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