Php project on Online library management


The fundamental goal of the Library Management system is organizing and managing with the library tasks. A library is a place where all types of the books are available. This is a web-based application and just a registered client can get to the application. Library Management system is produced to automate the task of entering the records of new book and recovering the details of a book available in the library. This system contains the list of the all of books. Utilizing this system client can issue book to the library member, maintain their records, and can checks how many numbers of a book are issued and how many numbers books are available in the library. This system gives the isolated interface and login for the librarian, students, and faculties. Librarian can change the database. Utilizing the library management system, a client can likewise maintain the late fine of library member who returns the issued book after the due date.

Clients can search for books and renewal books on the web. In the proposed system, we expect that each member will have an identity card which can be utilized for the library book issue, fine payment and so forth. They can suggest for new books by simply sending messages to the librarian from anywhere in the college. Whenever library members wish to take a book, the book issued by the library authority will be checking both the book details and additionally the student details of interest and store it in a library database. They can see the issue and return dates of any book and due they need to pay.

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