WRE007 – Design of a Gravity Dam with Ogee Spillway


Spillways are accommodated capacity and confinement dams to discharge surplus floodwater, which can’t be contained in the designated storage room. In this paper we have planned a spillway for a composite dam proposed at Kanthalloor as a piece of Pattiserry water system project. Pattiserry water system venture conceives development of 140 m long and 23m high composite dam, earthen bund with solid flood area, over the waterway chengalar a tributary of Pambar waterway, situated in Kanthalloor town.

The project goes for flooding 240 Ha of land in Marayoor territory, through 8 km since quite a while ago unlined channel. The proposed dam is found 5m downstream of the current weir which is 20m long and 5m high, built amid 1937. The proposed dam involves, 15m long solid flood segment at the middle and 25m long non-flood segment on the privilege and 15m long on the cleared out. The solid segment is flanked by earthen dam, 50 m long in the left and 35m morally justified. In the proposed dam spillway is at the solid flood segment. We picked an ogee type spillway for the dam proposed

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