Php project on Health Prediction Management System


It may have happened such many times that you or someone yours need doctors to help immediately, but they are not available because of some reason. The Health Prediction system is an end client support and online consultation project. Here we propose a system that enables clients to get instance guidance on their health problems through an intelligent human care system online. The system is fed with different symptoms and the diseases/illness associated with those systems. The system enables the client to share their symptoms and issues. It at that point forms clients symptoms to check for a different illness that could be associated with it. Here we utilize some intelligent data mining procedures to guess the most exact illness that could be related with patient’s symptoms. In the event that the system can’t give suitable results, it informs the client about the kind of disease or disorder it feels the client’s symptoms are associated with. In the event that clients side effects don’t precisely coordinate any disease in our database, it demonstrates the disease client could probably have judging by his/her symptoms. It additionally comprises of doctor address, contacts along with Feedback and administrator dashboard for system operations.

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