Embedded Project on Line Following Robotic Vehicle


The project is intended to develop up a robotic vehicle that takes in a particular way. This task utilizes an Arduino advancement Board. A couple of photograph sensors involving IR transmitter and photograph diode is interfaced to the Arduino to identify a predefined way for its development.

Line follower robot is a helpful robot that is intended for use in product houses, ventures, and stores and so on, wherein it takes after a committed way. This proposed arrangement of a line following robot satisfies the coveted usefulness and exhibits its working. It utilizes a couple of photograph sensors, containing one IR transmitter and a photograph diode in each side. It directs the robot to take after a predetermined way by giving a suitable flag to the Arduino Board. Two DC engines are interfaced to the Arduino board through an engine driver IC. Information signals are given to the microcontroller from the sensors, and afterward, the controller makes the fitting move as indicated by the program written in it and drives engines as wanted.

Moreover, the project can be improved by adding further developed sensors to it. This will add more highlights to the current project. For instance, we can utilize ultrasonic sensors for recognizing any impediments before the robot and then make an appropriate action.

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