Embedded Project on Automatic Surveillance Camera Panning System from PC


The project is designed for utilizing surveillance camera on a planning platform i.e. moving the camera, mounted on a DC engine in clockwise and anticlockwise direction in periodic intervals. For security reasons, surveillance cameras are utilized wherever like roads, shops,colleges, schools and office.

surveillance cameras are fundamentally stationary gadgets along these lines 360 degree scope isn’t possible. In any case, 270 degree scope is possible if this proposed framework is interfaced with the camera alongwith power to control the panning speed. One can take after a moving article.

This framework is interfaced with a PC where the info is given from console utilizing hyper terminal. The usefulness of this circuit is, that once the PC sends a command to the microcontroller (of 8051 family) through level shifter IC (used to change over the voltage level from PC to that of the microcontroller), the microcontroller investigations this flag and actuates the engine driver to drive it at the desired speed. The program on the microcontroller is executed in view of the info motion from the PC to create yield to drive the engine through engine driver IC.

This project can be improved by interfacing it to a tilt course of action for here and there development other than 270 degree skillet development. It can likewise wirelessly controlled (utilizing RF innovation) to physically alter the camera development or the stop the panning development if wanted with a RF remote.

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