Embedded Project on Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote


The project is designed for developing a dish positing framework which can be worked by utilizing a regular TV remote. The fundamental utilization of utilizing a dish is to get signal from satellites and other broadcasting sources.

In order to position the dish to the exact angle to receive the most maximum signal of a particular frequency, it should be adjusted manually.

In order to overcome the difficulty of adjusting manually, this proposed framework helps in modifying the position of the dish through a simple TV Remote. This framework comprises of two motors that empower the dish to move both in horizontal and vertical direction.

The TV remote goes about as a transmitter whose information is gotten by an IR receiver which is interfaced to a microcontroller of 8051 family. The TV remote sends coded information to the collector whose yield is then sent to the microcontroller. The microcontroller sends control signals to the motors through an interface IC otherwise called motor driver IC.

The code took after by the TV remote is a standard RC5 code. This code is utilized as a part of the program to perceive the input code from the TV remote for the controller to develop appropriate output signal for the motor driver IC.

Further, the project can be enhanced by utilizing RF control rather than IR which has got a line of sight communication restrictions.

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