AN021 – Multi-Restaurant Food Ordering & Management System


The online Food requesting system is a procedure in which one can order different food and beverages from some local restaurant and hotels using the internet, just by sitting at home or anyplace. Furthermore, the order is delivered to the told area.

These days everyone is having a busy schedule whether it is urban region or rural. Be that as it may, talking particularly about the urban areas and deeply about the big cities, peoples out there are so occupied in their life that they don’t get enough of time to have their meals properly.

As nowadays women are no not as much as men, in any field. So in big cities even spouses are working women, in this manner, for the most part, the small families manage to have their food ordered from someplace, as they lack of time.

Not only this is the situation, if we talk about the children in the modern era they like only fast food or something from the outside. Be that as it may, they ignore eating homemade meals.

So the food ordering system nowadays has one of the quickest developing business sector, however being another thought. In this project, we have created something like the same to procure from and serve the country in a much better way if possible.

These days, peoples are more general to eat in dine-in at restaurants for their meals. The online food ordering system gives convenience to the clients for the customers that are nothing special but the general busy people of the society

It overcomes the demerits of the manual hotel or mess system and the out-dated lining system. This system improves the readymade of foods than peoples.

Along these lines, this system improves the speed of getting food in person’s plate and quality and way of taking the order from the client. It gives a better communication platform. The client’s details are stored utilizing the electronic media.

The online food ordering system gives the menu on the online and the clients can easily place the order by simply clicking the mouse or by touching the button on their advanced mobile phones.

Likewise, with the food ordering system on the web, peoples can easily track their orders, and the administrator can keep up the client’s database and advance food delivery system.

This food requesting system enables the client to choose the desired food items from a list of available menu things given by the local hotel or restaurant. The client can store orders for the food items of their like from the list.

The payment can be made on the online or pay-on-delivery system. The client’s points of interest are maintained confidentially since it maintained a different record for every client. An id and password are provided to every client.

Furthermore, a few encryption strategies have additionally been utilized on the server side to secure the card points of interest. Hence it gives a more secure and safe ordering system.

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