Operation of Three-Level Inverter-Based Shunt Active Power Filter Under Non ideal Grid Voltage Conditions With Dual Fundamental Component Extraction


In this project, another reference current generation strategy is proposed for successful music moderation and responsive power remuneration of three-level nonpartisan point diode clipped inverter-based shunt active power filter (SAPF) under nonideal grid voltage conditions. The proposed strategy is named as double major segment extraction calculation. In activity, the proposed calculation extricates in the meantime, the coveted key current and voltage parts for creating reference current and synchronization stages, individually.

Accordingly, the proposed calculation can produce reference current that guarantees in stage task of SAPF with the working force system, without relying upon any stage bolted circle components. Plus, the proposed calculation utilizes self-tuning channel (STF) for exact calculation of the principal segments. Plan idea and adequacy of the proposed calculation are altogether considered and assessed in MATLAB-Simulink. Furthermore, a research center model using TMS320F28335 advanced flag processor is worked to approve its possibility. Enableing discoveries acquired from both recreation and test works show adequacy of the proposed calculation under both perfect and nonideal grid voltage conditions.

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