Embedded Project on Secret Code Enabled Secure Communication Using RF Technology


The project is intended to send secured message by utilizing a secret code from a PC console associated with the transmitting unit by means of RF technology. The message is recovered at the collector end just after entering the secret code utilized by the transmitter. Therefore, the total secrecy is kept up in this correspondence procedure.

For instance in military tasks, secrecy is of vital significance. So when there is a requirement for sending any secret message, one can type the message through a PC console interfaced with the framework including an 8051 family microcontroller and an RF transmitting module.

This project has an extraordinary component of labeling the message with a secret code chosen by the sender. The message is then transmitted through the RF transmitting module. At the beneficiary end the flag is gotten by the RF recipient module. The message is then recovered just if the secret code is known to the getting faculty. Once the secret code is entered, at that point message is shown on the accepting unit on the LCD show.

Advance this project can be upgraded by including an element of bidirectional correspondence additionally fusing encoding and decoding the message for higher level of security.

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