A Switched-Capacitor Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Wide Voltage Gain Range for Electric Vehicles with Hybrid Energy Sources


A switched capacitor bidirectional dc-dc converter with a high advance up/advance down voltage gain is proposed for electric vehicles with a mixture vitality source framework. The converter exhibited has the upsides of being a basic circuit, a diminished number of parts, a wide voltage-gain extend, a low voltage push, and a shared opinion.

Moreover, the synchronous rectifiers permit zero voltage switching turn-on and kill without requiring any additional equipment, and the efficiency of the converter is moved forward. A 300 W model has been produced, which approves the wide voltage-gain scope of this converter utilizing a variable low-voltage side (40-100 V) and to give a consistent high-voltage side (300 V). The most extreme proficiency of the converter is 94.45% in advance down mode and 94.39% in advance up mode. The test results additionally approve the possibility and the adequacy of the proposed topology.

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