ASP Project On Digital Attendance Management System

ASP Project On Digital Attendance Management System


Advanced Attendance Management System is programming produced for day by day participation in schools, universities, and organizations. On the off chance that encourages to get to the participation data of a specific client in a specific division. The data is arranged by the administrators; this framework will likewise help in assessing participation qualification criteria of staff (client).


The reason for creating participation administration framework is to electronic the convention method for taking participation. Another reason for building up this product is to create the report consequently toward the finish of the session or in the between of the session.


Participation Management System essentially has two principle modules for appropriate working

• The first module is administrator which has appropriate for making space for the new batch. Any passage of new workforce, Updating in the subject if essential, and sending notice.

• The second module is taken care of by the staff (client) which can be a faulty or an administrator. A client has a privilege of making day by day participation, generating the report. Participation can be taken in one way:

• based on Department.


• Not User-Friendly:

The current framework isn’t easy to understand on the grounds that the recovery of information is moderate and the information isn’t looked after effectively.

• Difficulty in report creating:

We require more estimations to produce the report so it is created toward the finish of the session. Also, the client not gets a solitary opportunity to enhance their participation.

• Manual control:

All counts to produce the report is done physically so there is more prominent shot of mistakes.

• Lots of printed material:

The existing framework requires the parcel of printed material. Loss of even a solitary enlist/record prompted troublesome circumstance since every one of the papers is expected to create the reports.

• Time devouring:

Each work is done physically so we can’t create report amidst the session or according to the prerequisite since it is exceptionally tedious.


• User-Friendly:-

The proposed framework is easy to understand on the grounds that the recovery and putting away of information is quick and the information is looked after effectively. Besides the graphical UI is given in the proposed framework, which gives the client to bargain the framework effectively.

• Reports are effectively produced:

Reports can be effectively produced in the proposed framework to a client can create the report according to the necessity (month to month) or amidst the session.

• Very less printed material:

The proposed framework requires less printed material. Every one of the information is feted into the PC instantly and reports can be created through PCs. In addition, work turns out to be simple on the grounds that there is no compelling reason to keep information on papers.

• Computer administrator control:

PC administrator control will be there so zero chance of mistakes. Additionally putting away and recovering of data is simple. So work should be possible expediently and in time.


Processor: Intel Pentium 4

RAM: 512MB

Hard Disk Drive: 40GB

Key Board: Standard 10 1/102 or Digit Sync Family

Monitor: Display Panel (1024 X 764)

Display Adapter: Trident Super VGA

Network Adapter: SMC Ethernet Card Elite 16 Ultra

Mouse: Logitech Serial Mouse


 Operating System: Windows XP

Front- End: C#. NET with ASP. NET


DOWNLOAD: Digital Attendance Management System

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